Topographic and morphological aspects of the spleen of brown-throated sloth Bradypus variegatus (SCHINZ, 1825)




anatomy, Bradypodidae, lymphoid organ, clinic, surgery


Sloths are wild animals with arboreal habits, with slow metabolism, found in tropical forests from South America to Central America. However, the lack of knowledge of their anatomy does not favor the conservation of the species in veterinary care centers, due to its peculiar anatomy. Therefore, the objective of this study was to describe the topography and morphology of the spleen of the species Bradypus variegatus, in order to collect more information to assist in the clinical-surgical processes of the species. Eight corpses of B. variegatus, previously fixed with 20% formaldehyde and preserved in 30% saline solution, were dissected for the macroscopic study of the spleen. A healthy animal, living in semi-captivity, was underwent to a tomography of the abdominal region, for observation of the spleen, while two specimens were destined for the microscopic study of the organ immediately after death. Based on the data obtained, the spleen presented a topography and tissue composition similar to other mammals, but its morphology, absence of lienal hilum and anatomical arrangement in the abdominal cavity differed from most domestic and wild animals.  


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Fonseca Filho, L. B. da, Alcântara, S. F. de, Miranda, M. E. L. C. de, Andrade, G. P. de, Albuquerque, P. V. de, Torres, S. M. de, Mesquita, E. P. de, Gomes Ribeiro, A., Amorim Júnior, A. A. de, Nascimento, J. C. dos S., & Amorim, M. J. A. A. L. (2023). Topographic and morphological aspects of the spleen of brown-throated sloth Bradypus variegatus (SCHINZ, 1825). Medicina Veterinária, 17(4), 210–216.



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